Although the images and subjects of my artwork are diverse; the influences and subject matter originate from the 1950’s era, abstract expressionist movement, and architectural/ designs of the Mid Century Modern/ Bauhaus periods. My contemporary artwork consists of organic and architectural visual images that respond to my observations of historical moments in time and the present state of our ever-changing complex society.
   As a former student of Design and the Fine Arts, my aesthetic influences are both rooted in contemporary architecture, visual design, and the plastic arts – painting, sculpture, and drawings. These influences speak to me in different ways and in multiple manifestations in my art practice. That is to say, I am not limited or restricted in my creative approach to my subject but open to multiple influences, individually and collectively. Simply put, I am a multimedia artist whose practice involves the creation of abstract images that are influenced by transitional forms in nature and society.    
   My current artwork for the last six months has consisted of medium to large charcoal drawings. Most of the work involves the spatial relationships, tonal values, and observations of contemporary interior environments, abstracted and the observations on how in some works, the lunar cycle might influence our lives. 
Also, the musical influence of Jazz and its’ many historical practitioners, has a seat at my concept table. I use Jazz metaphors to” layer “my abstract images and to give respect to some of our past and present great musicians of note.  These abstracted images take place during various times of the day and night; responding to one’s own imagination about how place, sound, and time can have an extraordinary effect on our understanding of who we are.

Paint Brushes